I understand that some people don’t like walking through cemeteries. They are not necessarily one of my favorite places but Westview is history! It’s Atlanta history at its best. Between this cemetery and Oakland most of Atlanta’s most famous or “founding” fathers can be found. Here is the grave of Henry Grady. Everyone knows Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta. The Woodruffs are buried here. The city’s art center bears that name. The Candlers are also here along with scores of writers and political figures.

Plus there are the Treat Angel—statues that the dogs are convinced have treats in their hands. We have a long history with the angels! For years, I have taken my dogs to Westview on Sunday afternoons because it is beautiful and because of the history. The idea of a Treat Angel began a long time ago with my dog Buffy. She was so attracted to the statues of the angels that I could not keep her from running up to everyone she saw. And, trust me, there are lots of angels at Westview.

I think the real reason I began visiting this cemetery is because Sarah Staley is buried here. She was instrumental in keeping the work going at Toccoa Falls College after the devastating fire in 1913. No one knew the actual location of her grave until I found it and had it marked. I make sure there are flowers on her grave and that she is not forgotten.

This is a crazy photo because it is of Asa Candler’s grave. He is the founder of Coca Cola and as you can see, people leave bottles of Coke on his headstone! Chipley thought that was a pretty kind thing to do.

The stained glass is beautiful. I just noticed that I’m in the photo, too.

This is the grave of Joel Chandler Harris, who worked for years at the Atlanta Constitution (Journal) and was also the author of the Uncle Remus stories. He had a beautiful home in Westend and I think you can still tour it. He was just one thread in the fabric of this city’s history.