I stepped out on the observation deck at Fort Mountain and saw this group of teens enjoying the view. Instantly,  the scene made me lonely for the TFC students. I didn’t even think about asking if I could take this group’s photo. I just took it. That is how natural it was to photograph the students at the college. I do have a sun spot in this photo, but I realize that some people actually add these for effect. Don’t understand that. As the students would say, “Whatever . . . !”

Then it was Chippy’s turn to pose for the camera and he wasn’t so sure about “hanging out” too long on a platform that was suspended in mid air.

In fact, he kept wanting to look down at the trees below him and saying, “This is scarweee!” Yikes and talking about scary: is that Cocoa Joy putting a paw up on the railing so she can look down too?!!