We have had a lot of rain lately and that adds to the grayness of these photos. Last Saturday, I was hiking with the dogs just before sunset and took this shot. It was so good to let them enjoy being somewhere other than inside the house or the backyard. For some reason (maybe it’s all the leaves), this photograph reminds me of something C. S. Lewis wrote in a letter to Arthur Greeves. He loved taking long walks with friends.

“We (Lewis and Tolkien) began in Addison’s Walk just after dinner—on metaphor and myth—and was interrupted by a rush of wind which came so suddenly on the still warm evening and sent so many leaves pattering down that we thought it was raining.”

I really don’t know the actual location of this ridge. But what I do know is: one, I think I can find my way back (which counts for something); and two, it made me feel like I was standing on the doorstep to another world.