Back at Kennesaw Mountain! I’m so grateful that we’re only about four miles from this wonderful rambling place. There are lots of trails, and I already have a goal in mind. It’s to climb the mountain with the dogs before Spring. It is only a mile up but it is pretty steep. And there are more trails that head out in all directions. People run these trails every day and also into the evening. After three years of hiking trails in northeast Georgia and North Carolina, it should be a breeze.

Yesterday we also checked out the park’s battlefield museum and discovered that Chipley was frightened of the canons. Not a good thing since canons are located everywhere. But this is where Cocoa grew up and you can tell by the look on her face that she is pretty much at home.

The trees at Kennesaw are always so special. A few still bear the the marks of the war that was fought here nearly 148 years ago.