Dukes Creek Falls is located in White County and is considered a very historical area. It’s the place where the gold rush in Georgia began. In fact, it is the place in the country where it all began! In 1540 Hernando DeSoto visited the area and at least one of his men returned around 1560 to mine gold.

When Georgia became a colony in 1730, the Spanish left. Gold was rediscovered south of the falls in 1828. Later, much of the mining was done with water canons. Sadly, miners literally washed the northeast Georgia mountainsides away in their hungry search for gold.

The path to the falls is just off the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway, which connects Brasstown Bald with Helen, Georgia. It’s a beautiful drive and a favorite in Georgia.

The pathway to the double falls is relatively flat, though it does descend some 400 feet very quickly. There are switch backs, which make it easier for families. So, I would say that it is a fairly easy hike to the bottom where you are greeted by this scene and much more—at least three viewing decks and plenty of white water.

Cocoa gives this hike five paws. Chip would give it four paws because you can’t access the water via the decks and he loves water!