I know friends (Reba) love seeing the dogs in places like this, and I hope that will happen by later tonight. Cocoa is going with me to a couple of events today. But for now, I thought I would post a few photos I took the past week at a small photo shoot of TFC students on top of Currahee Mountain.

I admit from this angle it looks like we were in a dangerous position, but I promise there were ledges beneath us. If we had fallen, we probably would not have died, but it certainly would have hurt. Willis (in this photo) did jumped down to a ledge.

Here’s the view our students love the most—the one in front of them. They are not allowed to go to the top of Toccoa Falls so I believe they have found this place as a second choice for adventure. It is also a place they can go and be college students. I understand that totally.

They even allowed me to join them, which was pretty cool.