After I took everyone and everything in the SUV on an non-essential tour of northeast Georgia, we finally arrived at the trailhead for Holcomb Creek Falls. The dogs were half nuts and ready for action. In this photo, Cocoa is viewing the trail before us. By this point, I had already noticed that it was pretty much downhill at a sharp angle. You know what we say when hiking, “If you hike in, you have to hike out!” The trail is rated as moderate to difficult (7-8).

This is what is really fun. Posing for a photo with the dogs. Chip was not allowed in the water on this trip and the photo below explains why.

Holcomb Creek Falls is steep, beautiful, and wild. The water was fast moving in some places so Cherokee Indian Brave Chipley (aka cowboy dog) did not go swimming.

Here’s another view of the falls. We have so much to be grateful for in this part of the state. You can easily hike to places like this and see the awesome wonder of God’s handiwork. There was another waterfall (Ammons Falls) .25 miles beyond this point, but it was getting late, and we chose not to be in the woods at sunset. These falls are located in the National Forest near the Bartram Trail.

And here’s the easier part of the trail: hiking out. We were losing our daylight. It is much steeper than this in some places. In fact, we had to stop a couple of times for water, but we made it and we’ll go back with a bigger group. Cocoa gives this waterfall 9 paws. It was almost perfect.

My Cocoa! She is such a good dog. The only thing that would have made this hike better for her would have been to have all the folks at FPC with us—Frances, Donna, Sharon, Jim, Evan, and others.