Walking through coastal marshes is always interesting. You never know what you will see or find. On this trip, the island grass captivated my attention.


Years ago when I was an editor of a magazine, I chose a cover that basically was a photo of marsh grass mingled with wild flowers. It was just a relaxing cover and probably reflective of my mood. I had been on a beach vacation and had returned to the office feeling a sense of “ahhhhh. I chose the cover after a short presentation from the graphic team thinking it would be perfect for the late summer month of August. Two months later when the publication was printed and delivered, my CEO just didn’t seem to get it. He proclaimed it looked like a very large “bird’s nest” and wondered what in the world was I thinking. (smile) Life happens at every turn, doesn’t it?


Suddenly there is a low tide and the richness of the marshes is revealed.

And if you think about it: even in the winter, the beach has a personality of its own