Last week an excursion train carrying visitors from as far away as New York and Virginia arrived in Toccoa for our annual Harvest Festival. We had a great time and really enjoyed the weekend—it was full of activities from Friday to Sunday afternoon. This is a photo of one of the antique cars on the train. I was shocked when I noticed the leaf color in its windows. And of course, the mayor of Toccoa cued the hawk in this photo to fly over at the perfect moment.

My Dad worked for the railroad, and I’ve always found a sense of peace in the sound of a distant train whistle or of the turning rhythm of its steel wheels on train tracks.


Then there was a wave goodbye. . . .

We’re having back to back weekend activities. This coming weekend over 300 cyclists will ride along the Tugaloo Corridor near Lake Hartwell. I’m ready for that event and for the promise of seeing some of the usually closed off native Indian property where Cherokee Indians once lived.