Years ago, I would walk my dog Buffy here. I began to call this area, “Where the squirrels live.”

On the weekends when it was time to go for a walk, I would look at her and say, “Do you want to go for a walk where the squirrels live?” and she would go nuts. Over the years we walked at Kennesaw Mountain Civil War Battlefield many times and we saw lots of squirrels. It is a fantastic place, and Buffy always loved being there. On at least two occasions, she got away from me wildly chasing narrowly escaping squirrels down some hill while I followed at full tilt. We walked the pathway in the above photo many times. So the memories I have of this place run deep.

Even up until the last days of her earthly life, she was still going for walks here and the squirrels were always waiting for her. Cocoa loved Kennesaw, too. In fact, she learned how to go “off lead” in the open battlefields. What an experience that was! She ran on the same ground where hundreds of soldiers ran, walked, and died. If you are near the northwest Atlanta area, this is a great place to visit, hike, and photograph. Cocoa always gives it “five paws” and Buffy would have, too.