Wow, the colors of fall are really popping out this week. Last Sunday our hiking group went to the Tallulah River area. I took this photo while standing on rocks above the gorge area. Then Kate and Cocoa wanted to jump from rock to rock in an effort to get closer to the water.

I’m always pretty proud of Cocoa because she remembers the commands she learned at Dog School 101 (the best dog trainers in the Atlanta area). I can tell her to go “slow” and “most” of the time she slows down. I say, “Go jump” and she does! So we hopped and jumped until we could see the old electrical plant in the background of this photo. At one point, Kate got a ahead of us and called back: “I don’t think Cocoa can come this far because there is a log over the water that she will have to cross.”

When we got to the crossing Cocoa marched right across it just like she learned to do at Dog School! Thank you Xalina and Sandy; all you taught us is still working!

Have I told you this week that I love this dog? I do. In this photo, she’s watching to see where Kate is going next.