This weekend is Currahee Military Weekend in Toccoa, and we’re having fun. Last night (Friday) was the Hanger Dance were people gathered to listen to the music that outlined and shaped an entire generation. The former soldier in the photo above wanted to know if I wanted to photograph his tattoo. Of course, I said, “Yes.” It reads: “Currahee Can Do.”

During WWII Easy Company trained at Toccoa and ran up Currahee Mountain each morning. Their story was depicted in the HBO series Band of Brothers.


The Hanger Dance was held in an old metal airplane hanger that was used during the war. It was built (along with the air field) by industrialist R. G. LeTourneau, who was also a personal friend of Dr. R. A. Forrest the founder of Toccoa Falls College.


Most of the time if you have a camera in your hand, people will pose for you without question. Saturday will prove to be interesting because German soldiers are supposed to set-up camp on the courthouse square not far from where American troops will be located. We’ll see about that one.