The snow on the way up to Neel’s Gap was wonderful but the road (Hwy 19/129) became very treacherous. We had to turn around after a tractor-trailer truck slid sideways and blocked the road in front of us. My four-wheel drive worked well. I turned around but it was tricky—curvy roads and snow blocked any thought of taking photographs. We made it back to Smithgall Woods but quickly discovered the temperature was dropping, the roads were freezing, and black ice was forming. Yikes and double yikes when I watched the Tahoe in front of me fish-tail along the roadway in Clarkesville.

More Snow at the edge of the woods. And beyond here is a crystal, clear trout stream. But we were not looking for trout today.

Then there is Cocoa. I love Cocoa’s eyes. . . . I told her to give me her best “Jack London” stare and she did. She lowered her head and locked her eyes on me (wonderful!) and was ready to track!

And here she is ignoring my camera and looking off into the distance.