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Afternoon Sun

Here's my little shadow casting a late afternoon shadow across the hardwood floor. This morning she traveled to the college with me where she saw Deborah and Brenda. . . . And I think Deborah really benefited from the visit. She got lots of Cocoa Joy hugs—enough to last all day and probably into the [...]

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Beautiful Cocoa Joy

I'm home for a few days recouping from some surgery and Cocoa Joy is my constant companion. I'm still in love with her eyes! And Chippy truly believes he is a "cowdog." That's like being a cowboy but only he's a dog—as in d-o-g. He loves cows. Thus, the "cowdog" theme this year. He always [...]

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A Fairytale

Even though the name of this pumpkin is Fairytale, it's not the one that Disney chose for Cinderella's coach. I'll have to show you a photograph of that one tomorrow along with Cocoa Joy, who is still in search of her one true prince!

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