It may be fall, but sunflowers are still blooming! I was riding in the mountains this weekend and passed a field full of sunflowers. I turned around a quickly as possible and headed back.

And while I didn’t have lots of time, I did have enough to take these photos. And I learned a lot. First yellow flowers that are this size really reflect light. So, my camera settings went wild. I used the D 40 on a couple and the D 200 on others. Because I just enjoy taking photos, I don’t know which one of these belongs to which camera. Why worry with details when you are just having fun!

I would guess this was was taken by the D 200—not as vibrant. But the one below was not taken by the D 40. It was taken by the D 200 with a close up lens that has not (as yet) stolen my heart. Still, it is pretty fun stuff. And yes, there were lots of clouds because the weather was changing and the sun was in and out.