This C-45 Expeditor  is also a “Twin Beech” or Beech 18 because it was the 18th model produced by Beechcraft Corp. It was on display in Toccoa this past weekend during the Currahee Military Weekend. It has been restored in colors of a United Kingdom Royal Air Force liaison aircraft—black and white stripes, which distinguished Allied aircraft during the June invasion of France that lead to the liberation of occupied Europe.

Brief facts: Power: Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. 450 HP each; Max. Wt: 9000 lbs.; Max. Altitude: 20.000 feet; Wing Span 47 feet 7 inches; Max Speed: 240 MPH; Crew: 2; Passengers: 5

It was fun meeting this pilot, who flew this C-45 from Peachtree City, in the south Atlanta area, to Toccoa on Saturday for the airshow.

No one will care outside of those who live in the Toccoa area, but in front of the airplane is the LeTourneau hanger where early planes were housed and passengers met before leaving for points around the world.