I love these doors. I finally stopped yesterday afternoon and took a photo of them. They have been restored, and I think that they are so simple that they are elegant. The church is beautiful. I also had a chance to go inside and see where the founder of Toccoa Falls College preached for so many years. Dr. R. A. Forrest (pictured below) was the pastor from 1925 until 1950.

“In 1925, the First Presbyterian Church issued him a call to become their pastor. After much consideration and with the understanding that he would be able to continue his evangelistic work throughout the United States and Canada, he accepted the call and served as pastor of this church for twenty-five years. During his pastorate a beautiful brick edifice was built, and the church membership increased. It is of interest to note that, though he felt several times that he should resign because of the pressure of his other duties. The church refused to allow this until he reached the age of retirement.” —Taken from the book: Achieving The Impossible with God.

Here’s another view of the doors. I love the lamp post, too!