When I was young, my dad would put me up in a peach tree and tell me to climb up to the top and pick the ripest fruit. A child can easily wiggle his or her way through the tender limbs to where the very best peaches are located. Without fail, I always came home itching like crazy from the peach fuzz on my skin. Peaches like the ones in this photo ripened by the hot summer sun are just down right delicious!

Rows of peach trees in a local orchard are a beautiful sight, especially at sunset. Too bad this was taken at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

I bought peaches at the orchard and white peaches from Jaemor Orchards just north of Gainesville. White peaches (the fruit or “flesh” inside the peach is white) are the best in my opinion. Nothing compares to Georgia Belle peaches. Without a doubt, they are the best for home-made peach ice cream.

Earlier, we stopped by the farmers market in Toccoa where we purchased homemade jelly and pickles from Mrs. Smith. That’s right, there is really a Mrs. Smith, and she has wonderful canned goods.