Over the next couple of days, I’ll post photos I took this weekend while canoeing on the Tugaloo Corridor. Did I say canoeing? Yes! It was so much fun that I may have found a new activity. From what I gather from college friend and registrar Kelly Vickers, this is an annual event. He led the group on a five hour adventure along the Corridor that ended in a portion of Lake Harwell.

Here’s a little info about this historical area: “The Tugaloo Corridor is the eastern portion of the county adjacent to the upper reaches of Lake Hartwell and abuts the Tugaloo River to form the eastern boundary of the county. The Corridor extends from US 123 in the south, to Habersham County, in the north. The 6 mile section of the river is the last un-impounded section. Within the Corridor are a number of historical structures, including Travelers’ Rest, Providence United Methodist Church, the Prather Home, and Tugaloo Bend, an 87-acre heritage site owned by The Stephens County Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit foundation which is credited with identifying the Tugaloo Corridor and its potential. On the Tugaloo Bend property is the site of the old Estatoe Native American village. The Foundation plans nature trails, educational facilities, and a heritage education center highlighting Native American and 19th and 20th century settler lifestyles. The goal of The Foundation is to preserve and protect the area, so generations to come will enjoy the educational and recreational opportunities.” This group’s office web site is http://tugaloocorridor.org.

Some of the people that went with us were from the college, which gave me the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

This is the view I had for most of the trip—middle to back, but that’s ok. I had to pull up canoeing instructions from the past. And even then, I had to ask others how to do simple things—like how to keep the canoe going in a straight line. I thought for sure that I would be sore “to the bone” as my grandmother used to say, but I’m not. So, I’m ready to go again!

I live here—five minutes—if that from this sight. Do I miss the city? Yes, I do at times. I miss friends and wish they were closer. Friday night with Delores was lots of fun. We laughed like crazy and I wish Judy was working with me again, but life changes and we go on. I truly think they would agree: if I had to be some place other than in the city, this is a very good place to be. I’ll post more photos over the next day or so. Thanks Kelly for a great trip and for all the historical stories and facts you shared with us.