I rediscovered this waterfall over last weekend when I took Cocoa and Chip for a ride. I had stayed at the camp where these are located years ago when I was in my teens during a church retreat.  The water was icy cold then, and it is now—which is  true of most of the waterfalls in northeast Georgia. They are spring-fed. This hike received three paws from Cocoa. It is beautiful, safe, and easy to access but it lacks the wild aspect of northeast Georgia. Great places to go on a Sunday afternoon when you don’t really want to walk too far.

The chapel is really sweet, but I can’t say that I remember being inside of it. (I have to be honest and I can hear Delores laugh, but it is true. Teens really do have a vapor barrier to lots of things.)

When I was young, the pool at the bottom of these falls seemed larger and deeper (I do remember that). Of course, all we wanted to do was climb up the rocks and slide down the face of the waterfall. It was the same thing that some of our students at TFC did this past weekend on campus at Glenn Falls. I stood in horror watching them and shouting for them to stop. But they didn’t listen—no real surprise, right? It’s exam week and that says it all.

Cocoa Smiles—sometimes. Here she is looking at the camera and wishing it was at the bottom of the waterfall!