Here’s all that is left of one of the cars that a past millionaire once drove on Cumberland Island. There were several of these lined up and abandoned to the elements of time, wind, and weather. They had been cast away, forgotten and left for the public to gaze at and wonder who once drove them around this vast and wild island. As we approached the place where they had been parked years upon years ago, none of us said a word, but we were thinking the same thing. Later as we prepared to board the boat that would take us back to St. Mary’s, we talked about what we had seen. Even the greatest wealth in the entire world was no safety net against death. The extravagance that was brought to this tiny island could not change life’s ultimate conclusion. The things we value so greatly here will not go with us. They will be left behind to rust, rot, and waste away. With that in mind, I have to wonder why we place so much emphasis on “things” . . . on titles and on positions we believe might make us “something more”? With each day, I’m being reminded of the things that really matter—the things that will go with us into eternity—the care of a loved one and most of all the love of a merciful God, who only has His very best for us.