Basically, we just had lots of fun over vacation in PA. The first day that we were back from Lake Erie, Joy took us to Wendell August Forge. The company is America’s oldest and largest forge, producing hand-wrought ornamental metalware and elegant giftware in aluminum and other metals since 1923. The furnace in this photo dates back to the 1930’s when the founder Wendell McMinn August. who was in the coal industry asked, Ottone “Tony” Pisoni, a blacksmith in his coal mine, to hand-forge door latches for his home.

“Admiring the low cost and high quality of Pisoni’s work, August was inspired to start a decorative ironware business. Pisoni was joined by three more blacksmiths who handcrafted the first product line, including one-of- a-kind fireplace andirons, candlesticks, lighting standards, doorknockers, latches, railings, and grilles for windows and doors.”

Two designers currently work on all the designs created at the forge. This is one of their offices.

A really cool clock from the past.