By the time we reached the Conneaut lighthouse, which is located on the shore of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio, we were braving very cold weather and some light sleet. Still, I made a dumb comment: “The weather up here is wimpy,” I said, “And I really don’t think it is going to snow at all.” The only sound I heard in reply was sort of a “uhh” with a smile added. It is the kind of reply that makes you feel very foolish. The next morning we woke to several inches of snow, icy temperatures, and a forecast that promised more of the same. I was really grateful we were not still trekking around Lake Erie. Instead we were in a warm and cozy home (thanks to newly unwrapped plush cover-ups). And we didn’t venture outside until it was time to meet friends for lunch at 1 o’ clock.

I traveled back to Atlanta at the end of last week but as far as I can tell from watching the Weather Channel, it is still snowing where my friends live! Later this week, the forecast for northeast Georgia includes a light dusting of snow . . . now that is pretty wimpy, don’t you agree?