There are two lighthouses at Fairport Harbor. This little lighthouse sits at the opening of Fairport Harbor, which is located on the coast of Lake Erie in Ohio. We had to walk nearly a mile to see it. Once we reached it, we could stay only a few minutes because the wind was so brutal and the temperature so cold. Still it was worth the venture. On the way back we passed duck hunters on the bay side. The season for duck hunting began the day after Christmas and I saw several gun toting hunters while I was traveling around Lake Erie.

Notice the lighthouse in the distance. These dunes were especially wild and lovely. I could have stayed in this spot for a long time. It was almost calm—unlike the beach a few yards away which was being swept with storm-driven waves.

Here is the second lighthouse and the older of the two. Because of power lines and cars and other distractions, I could not back up to get a good shot and did I also mention that it was raw and cold? A few minutes outside in this weather was too much for someone from the south. But I have to admit that I would do it all over again. The areas we visited were charming and the people were so nice.