I never realized how beautiful this area was until I visited it a couple of weeks ago. It’s just a short drive down the road from where I lived while I was in college. I would go there in the evenings to read, study, and memorize “things” for my classes. Yonah Dam, built in 1925, is obviously older and very surreal, especially in the evenings. I think I often drove out there just to frighten myself at its sight. I never ventured to the lake above it. Though I believe it can be accessed by hiking the Panther’s Creek Trail off of GA 441, which is north of the Toccoa exit but south of Tallulah Gorge.


This area is also where I began to learn how to trout fish but probably never caught a single fish. . . . Oh, I could catch trout at nearby Black Mountain Trout Farm but only because the trout were starving and would jump at a chance to eat my bait.