One rainy day in a kingdom very near here, the fair Princess Cocoa Joy woke up from a perfectly lovely nap and realized she was alone. And suddenly, meeting the young handsome Prince Chipley did not seem like such a bad idea.


Slowly and softly, Chipley moved closer to the fair maiden. Would she smile if he said hello?


Well, she didn’t necessarily smile, but she certainly did not turn away either. Being anxious to make a good impression, Chipley offered his greatest gift. He said, “Fair Princess, I offer you the keys to my heart, and I believe they have a distinctive ham bone scent. Mmmmm.”


Suddenly, we were together. Just like it was meant to be.


For a  very few moments, we were the best of friends—just hanging out together . . . .


Until, I began flipping around with too much charm and finesse. Then it happened. I did something that was totally out of character for a young Prince, I bit the beautiful Princess. And though it was just a teeny, tiny play bite, the damage had been done and . . . .


Alas, I was alone again. Drat, drat and double drat! Just as quickly as she came, she was gone. And I was left to whimper and imagine how it might have been . . . . I just have to find a way to capture the Princess’s heart.

“  To be continued . . . .