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Just A Storybook Tail

Prince Chipley grabs the dragon’s tail after slaying the beast with vim and vigor in hopes of winning the fair princess’s heart. But even after he explained how he had risked his own life in order to protect and save hers, the princess seemed utterly unimpressed. What can a baby Cocker Spaniel do? “I just [...]

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Nonverbal Love

We still have this nonverbal thing going on, but at least the fair princess is willing to lie down beside me. One heart-to-heart moment at a time. . . . I can do that! —Signed Chipley the baby Cocker Spaniel. "No Matter how little money and how few possessions, you own, having a dog makes [...]

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On The Lead!

Sometimes winning someone's heart takes lots of time and plenty of patience. . . . Do I look patient? I'm convinced that at the right moment, I will win the fair princess's heart because I'm Prince Chipley of Pretty Hill. And I just have to find a way to win the lady Cocoa's heart.

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