I asked Cocoa if she would help me clean up the yards at Pretty Hill, which all together almost equates to an acre of land and is covered with leaves. She flipped her head back and forth as if she was saying no. (Sigh) Thus, the motion of the ears in the photo. Her curls are gone from the top of her head (blessings from the groomer), but she still has plenty of hair. We spent most of Saturday afternoon raking the yard and bagging grimy, wet oak leaves. I mulched some with the lawn mower but need to bag even more. Usually, we take at least 80 bags to the street for the city to pick up. (Groan) Many more at blown into ivy beds where they remain out of sight. I have taken a more casual approach to these yards: things get done when there is time. But still, I have declared this year: the year of the yard. Renovation on the house is pretty much done. So, I can refocus on making Pretty Hill pretty again.