A few days ago, I stumbled across these words written by Amy Carmichael, “All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness. All, not some; not only those we would naturally choose, but all. . . . And there is also a path which each of us must walk alone. Though we do not see Him, He companions us; and, as we look back, we see that the path was always mercy and truth. . . . Let us rest our hearts on this very lovely word: ‘All the paths of the Lord are mercy.'” I really love Amy’s wording. Some may think, Have words been left out? No. This was just the way she thought and wrote.

She’s right, you know: All the pathways that God choses for us to travel are paths of mercy, lovingkindness, goodness, and grace. We may not understand why He has asked us to go in a certain direction, what will greet us over the next rise, or how we will handle the challenge when it comes. But He does. Other times, we may falsely believe we are traveling alone, but we never are. He truly “companions” our every step. No matter what leaf-littered pathway we have been asked to traveled, He walks it with us.