In the beginning, Cocoa did not know who was coming or how they would get here. She just knew lots of people were about to descend on her house. And whatever happened next was going to be really big! So big that she’s already gotten the lecture: “If you can’t behave, you’ll have to wear your gentle leader.”

Pretty soon Grand Daddy arrived for Thanksgiving dinner.

Grand Bettie (Grandmother) and her sister and husband (Uncle Dixon and Aunt Eloise) enjoyed talking in the living room. Lots of other people came but no one wanted to have their photos made. The “old” folks couldn’t run too fast so they were easy targets for the camera.

Pat and Jay and best friends Bertrhude and Ashley were not camera shy.

Matt and Megan hung out in the living room and talked after lunch.

And after all was said and done, Cocoa was pooped and ready for a long nap. She had a good day. And she only sent everyone into a frenzy one time—when she got caught eating a corner of the Thanksgiving ham, which had been left waaaaay too close to the edge of the kitchen counter. Seems like life always has some rough moments for a puppy dog.