Here’s the typical tourist shot that most people take at some point while visiting London. It is the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I recently completed reading a biography of Queen Elizabeth’s life (The Queen’s Story), which contains interviews and insights from friends and family members close to Her Majesty. One section in the book talks about how she views Buckingham Place as an office and not a real home. Home is the title she reserves for Windsor Castle where she spends her weekends. Another entry quotes her admitting how when she was young, she would stand near the windows in Buckingham Palace and look out at the people who had gathered to watch the changing of the guard.

After taking this photo I remember looking up and thinking, “Wonder if someone is up there watching all of us do what countless people have done—take photos of these young soldiers, who have made a commitment to guard the Queen’s Palace. Are we just silly Americans or Patroits?