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Stepping Back in Time — The King and Prince

I love this place. So many, many memories were built here on St. Simon's. So, many hours spent here. Some things just never change and the King and Prince is pretty much one of those places. So, it was a Perfect Day as Cokie Berenyi would say. We took kayaks out to Sea Island in [...]

Lovin’ Driftwood Beach

In this photo, Anne poses for the camera and Jim and Sharon are taking photos in the background. I love being with friends! It was a few years ago when I discovered Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. We had photographed driftwood on Cumberland, but when we saw the fallen trees on Jekyll, we thought we [...]

What A Face!

I studied psychology in college and came away with a degree in counseling. So, this is your Rorschach Ink Blot test question for the day: What do you see in this photo? I thought it looked like a large animal—maybe an elephant. Actually, it is of a large piece of driftwood on a Jekyll Island [...]

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Beloved Invader

Today, I was the Beloved Invader and it was bittersweet. A door that once opened wide to greet friends now stands tightly locked. No one lives here any more. The vacancy nearly broke my heart. "The great doing of little things makes the great life," wrote Eugenia Price. She also wrote: "Laughter at oneself is [...]

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