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Water for Cocoa Joy

Hiking in northeast Georgia can make a dog thirsty. Cocoa gets a drink after walking with Donna and others up the path. Wow, what a day she had! A park ranger at Anna Ruby Falls let her sniff several skins from local "critters." Her favorite sniff was that of a possum and not the raccoon. [...]

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I love This Dog!

I'm crazy about this dog. I love her eyes; they're so like I want to be—calm and sure. And yes, it is still snowing at  For•rest Cottage. In fact, a short while after this photo was taken, I looked out the window and realized the entire driveway was covered in snow. More photos to come [...]

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Learning to Heel

Ok. This is just a quick video for the folks at Dog School 101. I'm trying to talk them into doing short videos so they can post them on their Web site:

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Chippy Goes to Dog School 101

Here's my first little video, which was so easy to do because Chip is such an easy subject. He's in school at Dog School 101 and he is trying to learn how to sit, watch, stay, and lay down. Next video will have to be one with Cocoa Joy in it. BTW the trainers at [...]

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Day of Training

Last Saturday, Chip headed back to Dog School 101 to take some extra classes in puppy manners and things like that. He's such a good boy, but he enjoys being bad. From time-to-time, both he and Cocoa wear gentle leaders, which are not muzzles. The strap across the nose provides just enough pressure to mimic [...]

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