Last Saturday, Chip headed back to Dog School 101 to take some extra classes in puppy manners and things like that. He’s such a good boy, but he enjoys being bad. From time-to-time, both he and Cocoa wear gentle leaders, which are not muzzles. The strap across the nose provides just enough pressure to mimic how a mother dog corrects and controls her puppy.


In this photo, Cocoa is watching Sandy (one of her trainers) fill up treat bags for another class. She really doesn’t take classes anymore. She’s a Delta Society dog, but she loves seeing her friends so much that she’s a regular visitor.


Even though there are 10 or 15 people in a class, Xalina and Sandy have plenty of time for “one-on-one” training. If you are looking for trainers that really want you and your dog to succeed, look no further than this facility.