We have often hiked to Hemlock Falls. But for the past several years, I have not walked this trail due to the severe storm damage caused by two strong hurricanes that blew through the area! From time-to-time, we actually do get very strong winds after a coastal storm. But this time, we found the trail in great shape and because it is mostly flat, I thought it would be the perfect first hike for four-month old Wessy.

She was totally in her element! She loves hiking and loved every bit of exploration—no surprise!

Holcomb Falls is a lovely trail that travels through plenty of rhododendron forests! I guess these tunneling trails are my favorite. Can’t wait for them to be in bloom in a few weeks.

Yes, she has a very small stick in her mouth! But I have to say that her focus was on some other things on this trail. She had never seen a stream with rushing water so that was a fun find!

I love this photo, and I have found that she loves to pose for the camera! Her wavy dark hair is beginning to get longer on her back. Growing up Wessy!

Speaking of the stream! I had to hold her back.

We make it! Wessy hiked almost two miles for the first time and she could have gone further. There’s a lot of gun power packed into this little dog!