What a sunny day and a great time at Victoria Bryant State Park with Wessy. She’s growing up fast and she loves

to give kisses. She doesn’t really care where she is when a “kiss attack” happens.

Here I am (finally) outside in the sun with Chip and Wessy. They are doing so well together except for about three hours in the evening when all Wessy wants to do is to play hard. Chip’s not into that! Wessy is a wild thing and I think I love her!

Pat, who is letting her hair grow out to gray, with the dogs. Look at Chip; he’s interested in her—just not too sure about all the Wessy activity. Chippy is 12 now!

Wessy is really getting that “Boykin” look that I love so much. I miss Cocoa a lot and still cry some for her, but this little brown dog is a heart stealer!

Wessy Girl!

As we were leaving, I noticed a water spigot and thought I would turn it on for the dogs. Chip knew that he could get water from it but Wessy was not sure about it at all. She wanted water in her bowl in the car and not from something “outside.”