Yesterday, I took Wessy for her first walk at Broken Bridges and the county park! Wow! What a difference a year makes in the way this area looks. Clean, some grass planted, and no sign of bad human activity! She loved it but also seemed a little overwhelmed by the size of “all outdoors!”

We checked out the bridge first and posed for photos. It was a sweet moment for a puppy that has sudden mood changes. LOL!

We walked to the third launch site on the Tugaloo River/Lake Hartwell to make sure all was well. It was; the area is clean but has lots of sticks and you know what that means!!

Sticks, Sticks, Sticks! There were so many that we could not decide which one to take home with us!

Then we noticed some winter weeds and grasses. Wow! There were a lot of those near the shoreline.

And since she is by birth an “official” member of the Tugaloo River Water Trail, she wanted to do her part by helping Lloyd and Dave mow the area! So, down goes the weeds!

Finally, on the way home, her dog Momma decided to stop at historic Traveler’s Rest for one last photo, which turned out to be a little scary because there were “unknown to us” really big dogs nearby.

Wessy got to do what she’ll do a lot once she is grown—be on the Water Trail and visit the many historic places in Stephens County. It will be an amazingly good life for a little brown dog. Now, just to make it through puppyhood!!