I love seeing all the snow fall photos from this past weekend! How I wanted to be out on a trail hiking through the snow with my “snow chains” on my shoes, but I’m in the midst of training a new puppy. Can I tell you that is even more of a challenge than Blood Mountain in snow!!

This past Saturday, we did drive up to Highland, NC, with Wessy for the first time. She saw snow; and of course, she wanted to eat it — all of it . . . all at once! She’s going to be a fun dog to have and hike with in the spring.

We always make a quick stop by Mirror Lake where we look for ducks—no ducks on this day—and walk among the overturned canoes that belong to the locals. They name their boats! I found one that was named LuLu! One of the first Boykin Spaniels that I saw was named LuLu. We were on the top of Tennent Mountain and here comes LuLu after just being with us on the top of Black Balsam. That is when I knew I wanted a Boykin. They are sturdy little dogs that are very loyal and smart.

Wessy, at 8 weeks, already knows how to sit, come, watch me (that means sit and look up for my next command) and we are working on retrieve! I told a friend that I was afraid that I would run out of lower end commands that I know how to teach before she is 12 weeks old! And folks: I’m losing weight! Running with her and walking her is causing me to move even more. Good Wessy!

I did tell her that by spring, she would get to go paddling in my kayak! Boykins are hunting dogs and also water dogs. They are the state dog of South Carolina.

So, we drove to places in Highlands that we have never been before looking for sunlight through the snow covered trees.

More late afternoon sun from a place high above the city.

And an open gate with an area waiting to be explored.

Finally, we ended the trip at Dry Falls. A place that has been photographed so many times but it was new to Wessy and a little scary. That’s why we stayed on the upper deck and just looked down below. It was all about enjoying time with little Wessy. Truly, a brave new world!

A parting shot thanks to Anne: I think she is going to grow up to be a photographer! She helped me line the one above up. Brave Wessy!