On the dramatic Blue Ridge Parkway . . . hope it’s literally not the last day or week for this year. But I know snow and ice will suddenly appear and the gates will close! This was taken on my first day in Waynesville, NC, over a week ago. I rushed to drop my bags where I was staying and then headed off on the BRP.

The views were still amazing even though the color had changed dramatically from when I was there two weeks before. So, why the color in one area and mist in another?

That is the mystery of driving along the Blue Ridge. I literally drove through the clouds. At one point, large rain drops splashed against the car’s windshield, but the next thing I knew I was standing at a sun-drenched overlook.

Then there was the sunset! Oh, how the BRP is challenging me to grow and to stretch in the area of photography. It’s a hobby and it’s so relaxing! Enjoy!