Whitewater falls in North Carolina is spectacular any time of the year! The walk is easy but there are steps down—many and that can make this short trail difficult for some.

I haven’t been to these falls since January 2018, and this visit was quite different.  Two years ago, I had just completed chemo and the trek down the stairs and back up was hard. My lungs hurt and my legs ached. I’m happy to report this was NOT the case this time!

Both visits were almost identical when it came to the winter weather. It was super cold, but there was no ice. I decided to turn the above photo into a black and white because I was using my Sony with an ND filter and the shadows were so deep that the photo had a blueish cast.

It really is one of the coldest places, especially in the shadows. The wind whipped around us as we looked out at Fontana Lake and dam.

Anne found that a buff helped to keep the cold out! But alas, I left mine at home along with my heavy winter coat (again).

Pat struggled to help me get my camera “stuff” back in the bag, so we could hike out and get back to a warm car!

Lots of wooden steps take you back to the top but they have landings! So you can take in the view in the winter.

Dinner was in Cashiers at Whiteside (Mountain) Brewery where almost everyone there was watching the basketball game! Lots of loud people!! But the food was very good.

The drive home through the mountains at sunset reminded me once again why I love living in northern Georgia. It’s an easy drive to North Carolina and the mountains that are there. Simply beautiful! Thanks for reading.