On this Sunday, we decided to stay close to home and take Chip to see CeCe. While she was super sweet, he lost his brains and barked at her. Poor CeCe; she had to settle for us petting her through the fence. She’s grown and still beautiful—just so much bigger!

The babies watched us from a distance. The guys were there getting ready to feed the cows in the other fields, but for some reason, it felt good to stand and watch from distance.

And it was fun to watch Mom and baby play. CeCe wants to do head bumps with me. NO! Usually Mike catches her and stops her.


Then we were off to nearby Camp Mikell where the dogs could walk through the woods and take in lots of smells! The colors were still nice. You can always find a trail to walk in this area of northeast Georgia. Chip (cowless) is doing much better in this photo!

I love the lingering colors of fall!

and the yellows that refused to fade until this last week.

Yellow woods surrounded us and under our feet were plenty of crunchy leaves.

Camp Mikell has so many rocky areas. I’ve never climbed to the top of these cliffs because Cocoa is always with me, but I did notice a path UP.

We hiked on until we crossed a stream and couldn’t hike any further!