I’ve been visiting Bridal Veil Falls since I was a child. In recent years, the road beneath the falls has been blocked off, (sad) and you can no longer drive on it. You can see it in this photo. It’s still pretty and sweet but nothing like Dry Falls about a half a mile a way.

Dry Falls was crazy wild on this day! The National Forest Service had this blocked, too, but that did not stop people from hiking down to the falls. You can see some of them in this photo. I’ve said this before but the reason it is called “dry” is because you can walk behind it. But there’s very little “dry” about it even on mid summer days.

A lot of people ignored this sign, which is pretty much typical for tourists.

We have had so much rain that “our” Highland cows were up to their hooves in mud, and there’s more rain on the way! In fact, they stayed bundled up at a distance in the hay and just looked at us, which was best. These cows love to come close and lick. Uck! The whole “wet” cow thing is a little too much!