Recently, I went to Cavonna’s farm to see her new baby pigs, but before we drove over to do that we saw the goats! It was dinner time at the farm and everyone was ready to be fed. They came running from the field and I couldn’t resist photographing the group again. Cavonna called and everyone came with Buck leading the way.

Even Jenny was up for some dinner and petting time. This is the funniest donkey. She comes up to be petted but plays very hard to get. I love her facial expressions! She’s so coy.

This goat was a baby in the spring because I held her in my arms. Now, she is a grown but still plays around and “dolls it up” for the camera.

What a sweetie! She comes right up to me and poses. . . .Come to think about it, most of the full-time resident animals at Cavonna’s come up to me, which means they are getting lots of interaction with her family and visitors.

I think this guy’s name is Buck, which matches his personality—not to mention the fact that he has plenty of female “friends.”

Getting ready to go back to see the new little piggies! I got to ride in the truck and this group got to hang on!

Cavonna kept telling Anne, “I got you. It’s okay.” But Anne would have none of that and was looking for some place to hang on as we bumped along the farm road.

Pat is holding a three day old baby pig! These guys were already acting like adults. They had a little “look out” and came to check us out as we were walking up to their hiding place. Their Mom was up on the other hill eating, which was the only reason we were able to pick them up. Yes, they squealed—very loudly!

Anne is holding a three-day old Dalmatian baby pig. That’s the coloring. These little guys actually had “puppy” breath.

Finally, here’s a cool shot of Stacy, Cavonna’s husband, holding a three-week old baby. I never thought I would say it, but they are so cute! It just goes to prove that all babies really do bring an Awwww to our hearts. Thank you Cavonna for a very fun afternoon!