A while back I walked beside the Tugaloo River Corridor and was surprised by the beauty and also the light that was on this area. Right now, I’m all about color and light!

The river itself can be darker in the evenings, especially on the sides near the banks. This makes it super hard to photograph because there is so much going on light-wise. The contrast between dark and light is huge. But that can be said about life—big drama shifts.

The road along the Tugaloo River on the South Carolina side is easy to walk and great for the dogs. I didn’t walk it entirely on this evening because it was getting dark!

Notice the change in light. It happens very quickly as the sun sets. I was totally amazed at how quiet the river was on this evening. It’s dam controlled and moves swiftly in the afternoons when the CORP is releasing water. This is a favorite swimming place for locals. The Georgia side of the river is to the left in this photo.

I’ve just accepted a position as a Trustee on the Stephens County Foundation Board, which means I get to walk and play and volunteer in this beautiful place—The Tugaloo River Corridor. And I also get to talk with and work with some really amazing people. Every once in a while I also can say weird things like this tree could be an Indian Water Marker tree! Who knows: it actually could be one!

The Tugaloo River where we paddle a good bit. I think we were recently in the river at this very spot. In fact, I have landed many times by holding on to this rock as the river tried to push me down stream.

The road back to the car. . . . I’ll walk this trail again. You can’t drive it. South Carolina has blocked the access with a very strong gate, but you can walk it—at least a mile in and a mile out.