I’m so grateful that Cocoa is still with me. She’s 13 and showing her age, but she still loves to go wherever I go. On this walk, I was struck with a couple of unchanging facts about this dog: She really wants to be with me, and she doesn’t really care if anyone else is around. She doesn’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just a fact. She’s a “people” dog, and I’m her “people” or person.

Because I have been in a recovery mode for the last few months, I haven’t been able to walk her like I normally would. So outside on this trail, I noticed that she does need to lose some weight! We’ll work on that now that spring is finally here, and we’re not under the threat of rain every day.

I really shouldn’t fuss about the rainy weather we have had. All the rivers, falls, and lakes are full, and they are beautiful! This is Anna Ruby Falls located inside Unicoi State Park not far from Helen (northeast Georgia). The taller broken falls is on the left and the short falls is on the right. Two different streams become one at the base of the falls.

Our little band of hikers are waiting for Jim to set his camera and take a group shot. The trail is about a mile but it is up a steep incline. I made it easily, which tells me that I’m recovering after months of Chemo. But there was a price to pay later in the evening as I battled joint pain. Still, I would do it again and probably will. If you stop, you give up. Not me! I walk. I rest and then I walk again. (smile)

Northeast Georgia is just beautiful. And I love the North Carolina’s mountains. They are dramatic! But the corner of South Carolina that touches Georgia and also NC, is pretty amazing, too. The waterfalls in that area are spectacular!

A rushing stream, a hand-held camera, and a dog that pulls you up the trail: what could be better than that? Not much. Cocoa did stop long enough for water. I offered her bottle water, of course, but no! She wanted to get in the stream and take a few gulps. Yikes! Hope I don’t end up in Dr. Windus’s office with her!

Happy Trails! . . . Until next time!