I almost want to write: “Guess what happened yesterday?! The sun came out and we actually got outside and walked!” Then by the evening when we were home, the rain returned and that was that. But at least for a few hours, a welcoming blanket of unexpected warmth and sunlight filled our day. We were happy with these small moments.

The afternoon found us walking along an easy trail in the South Carolina mountain not too far from northeast Georgia. Last year Beth Van Dyke gave me a book that details most, if not all, the hikes in Oconee County. As I recover from an upper respiratory infection and as I battle my way through maintenance Chemo, I decided to begin with the easy to moderate hikes and build my way up to more difficult ones. HF in this photo is marking the path for Hidden Falls. It was very hidden to us.

Start small, if necessary for this time in life, and dream big! I love wooded pathways and this one we had hoped would lead to a small water falls but we never found it. We walked just so far and knew we needed to turn around and head back. Anne had been under the weather for days with the flu and I was on the mend, too, as was Pat. It was good enough that we got out and pursued our goal.

Three shadows of three friends basking in the sunlight, if only for the day. I don’t know what is up with all the rain except we all have been praying for the lake to return to its high water level so we could paddle to Longnose Falls in the spring! We may have our answer! I need to check the entry to the falls and see if that little river branch is higher than last year.

Overnight, spring is returning and hope for the future begins. Like emerging leaves on a winter wasted branch.

Abandoned farm houses always provide the right settings and spaces for spring flowers. These daffodils had just emerged and were committed to announcing a change in seasons.

Even the trees are waking up. I looked up through the pines that lined the pathway and saw in the distance leaves beginning to appear on some of the hardwoods. Admittedly, I wish I had taken a photo of our little group. We were all smiles and thankful to be up and out! Guess you will just have to trust me on this one and allow the beautiful sunlight to be our Sunday story on smiles and laughter and hope and glory!