In a way, St. Simons Island is somewhat of a second home. I lived in Savannah for two years before going to Toccoa Falls College. I always find a way to come back to the coast every year. I just can’t go too long without visiting this really special island. We always used it as a base when visiting other islands on the coast of Georgia.

Best selling author Eugenia Price, who was also a mentor to me, called this island home for many years. And this was the hardware store she frequented often. One of her best-loved series is the St. Simons Trilogy. Read those books and you will not only get a taste of the founding of coastal Georgia, you’ll want to visit this island.

The Lighthouse is iconic and at the center of Price’s novels.

One of my favorite spots for sunset. St. Simons is on the east coast. So the sun always sets over nearby Brunswick, Ga.