We feel like it’s spring and the sunsets are certainly becoming more dramatic! They do that in northeast Georgia this time of the year. The little hill in this photo is Currahee Mountain. It’s funny how being at a distance changes our perspective. It’s a couple of miles to the top of Currahee!

During our evening walk with the dogs, we went to the number 10 hole—one of Anne’s favorites. Lake Hartwell is barely visible in this photo.

Then there is always Cocoa who is still pretty. She’s 12 and doing really well now that we are walking again. Her stitches have melted away and she’s back to enjoying moments like this one. I love this dog! Sorry.

She even stopped long enough to look at the camera while Chip turned away. He never does that but there were lots of sniffs around him—bunnies and deer—I’m sure!

Leaving me behind. Cocoa can only take so much of the camera and then she is gone! Bye, bye!