Here I am posing with Cocoa before going on a short, cold hike near Tallulah Gorge. She’s still my baby dog! Or that is what I tell her. (Smile)

Chip, who is all boy, wanted to see the water and then thought it was scarrrry! Isn’t he just the cutest cow dog alive?

This is one of the older bridges we walked over near the gorge. I love the later afternoon winter sun light and how it creates a warm glow on the bridge. Four months ago, we would have been on kayaks  beneath it. Spring is only . . . maybe . . . three months away!

We paddled Tugalo Lake a couple of times. The last time was this past summer when we went to the old power plant at the end of Tallulah Gorge. It was a totally scarrrry adventure but fun. That day we paddled seven miles, ran out of water, ate all our power bars, saw two snakes and were caught in two dam releases! That’s living in northeast Georgia!

A dreamy photo of Cocoa Joy. I love this dog!