This is the sign that greeted us as we walked up to Abby Jackson’s farm last Saturday. I can’t even begin to tell you all that she does, but included in her list of fantastic things is watching over a fly fishing business with her  husband, hosting large and small dinner parties, maintaining a farmer’s market, and canning—lots of canning of veggies that are so good that you will want to carry home a case of everything. See the end of this post for more info and a link to Blackhawk Fly Fishing in northeast Georgia.

Her special tomatoes make the best soup but I can’t wait to use them in chili and spaghetti. The pickles are over-the-top good and have jalapenos in them! Y&Y = Yum and Yikes!

But here is my favorite: Abby J’s Cowboy Candy! Jalapenos in a secret mixture of vinegar and sugar. It is great on burgers, chips, and in corn muffins. Love it!

Plus Abby J loves dogs. She has three black labs! When she let them out of the kennel, she told us, “Now, don’t be afraid.” Yikes! They were super sweet and only wanted to do one thing fetch small logs that we tossed to them in the Soque River. (smile)

Being the marketing person that she is, Abby began videoing the dogs and talking about “teamwork” at Blackhawk.

Here are more of the dogs and more beautiful views of the Soque River, which is a part of Abby’s property. In fact, most of this river is privately owned and is used for trophy Trout Fishing.

I’ve always wanted to get close to this river with a camera. It is beautiful! But because most of it is privately owner, it is difficult to do. You have to know someone like Abby and visited her farm or go trout fishing!

More views of this beautiful northeast Georgia steam.

While we were walking the trail near the water, Abby suddenly spotted very special edible Golden Chanterelle mushrooms. She told us to go pick them and take them home with us. I know they are edible because we later cooked them and put them on pizza!

Pat and Anne stop by the garden to pick basil and something else . . . more peppers! The fresh basil was also for the pizza later that night.

Anne is talking with Abby and stacking up goodies to buy from her.

There were lots of fresh tomatoes small and large and heirlooms (below).

Lots of color and thoughts of the summer!

You can check out this wonderful place for trout fishing by clicking here. On their website Abby has written that the Jackson family has been a steward of the property that we call “Blackhawk Flyfishing” since 1939. Abby and John Jackson opened Blackhawk in 1996 with two miles of trophy trout water. This is one of those legendary streams that these owners have taken great pride in preserving and of all the places in the world you can take a plane or ride a horse, there’s nowhere you can catch a fish bigger than on this beautiful Soque River.

“Abby Jackson prides herself in making gourmet lunches and  tongue tingling salsas. So anglers not only catch that lifetime memory they also get to savor the taste of Abby J’s Gourmet.  With this combination of trophy flyfishing and gourmet food what more can an angler ask for?” You can also buy products by Abby J at Wholefoods and I believe she told me Kroger. Look for her salsas.